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Because of his many years of active practice as a litigator in complex civil matters, Mr. Hiatt is intimately familiar with the significant expense, time and stress on the participants that are usually incurred when a conflict is resolved through litigation. When parties are willing to agree to mediation, Mr. Hiatt assists the parties by:

1. Taking the time needed to become familiar with the claims and defenses in the case.

2. Building a relationship of trust and clear communication with each side.

3. Working actively and creatively with the parties to find a reasonable and mutually acceptable solution.

4. Helping the parties to document the settlement they have reached so that they leave with a durable understanding.

Mr. Hiattʻs goal is always to identify a solution which all of the parties can accept and to do so in a process where each party has been fully heard and treated fairly during the mediation process.

In serving as a mediator or arbitrator, Mr. Hiatt works through Dispute Prevention and Resolution.



Mr.  Hiatt understands the heavy responsibility placed on an arbitrator to reach a fair result because of the difficulty in overturning an arbitration award. He pays close attention to the evidence and argument and strives to reach decisions which are well supported and thoroughly explained to all parties.


Employment Investigations

Institutions can often be led astray when an employee is alleged to have committed an offence warranting discipline or discharge. The accused may in fact be guilty, or the accused  may instead be the innocent victim of some other workplace agenda. Sorting through the relevant facts to find the truth in such cases first  requires review of the relevant standards applicable to the conduct at issue, then a review of the documents that pertain to the dispute, then multiple witness interviews and close analysis of any conflicting testimony to resolve any discrepancies. Mr. Hiatt performs this work thoroughly to the appropriate legal standard.  When the investigation is complete he provides a written report that is well documented and thorough. He has conducted multiple investigations for hospitals, businesses and utilities.